Even if you clean your teeth twice a day, every day, 90% of your mouth remains dirty. Not even mouthwash and flossing cleans the rest of your mouth properly. There is a solution though...

What Is The Strange, Almost-Lost Technique That Has Transformed The Dental Health Of These Individuals And Families From Around The World?

(And Why Do Dentists Want It Kept Out Of The Mainstream Public Eye When It Can Stop Adults And Children From Suffering With Teeth Problems They Might Not Even Know Exist?)

Take a look at what this almost-lost technique has done for people just like you...


“Both the Hygienist and the Dentist were shocked that there was no 'Plaque' - I then explained the brushes and I must confess that I felt good after their conclusions”

Michael Dixon


“I just wanted to tell you that I have cancelled 2 appointments with the dentist, and made an appointment with the hygienist.  She said my gums were fine!  Yippee.  My gums have certainly improved, and they have returned to their proper place, moving down towards the teeth.”

Martha Ray, Portugal


“My mouth feels really clean all day. I wish I have known about them years ago. I doubt I would have gum recession now. I highly recommend this product for everyone”

Sharon Hulme,  West Sussex


“My teeth now feel clean (bliss), my mouth is so much better at night, which means I can now sleep right through. So thank you very much, from now on I’ll be spreading the word to my family & friends”

S. Joiner, Truro, England


“Before I started using your brushes (about 3 months ago) my dentist (no longer) told me that I need to have all my teeth out and the gums cut by surgery to remove the affected parts.   Thanks to the Blotting Brushes, my gums are now at least 70% stronger and getting better every day. This is a simple technique with such far reaching health benefits. With many thanks for your very kind help.”  

Tina B., NSW, Australia


“My husband and I are very impressed with the Blotting Brushes.  My teeth have never felt so clean and smooth.  It's quite remarkable. I'm an alternative healthcare therapist and I'm for a gentle natural approach to alleviate all conditions. I will be recommending the blotting brushes to everyone.” 

C.M. Fife


“I used a Blotting Brush this morning for the first time (without toothpaste), following the instructions from your book. My gums and teeth felt better than they have in ages after just one session”  

L.M. Wiltshire


“I feel secure in now again having a source of the Blotting Brushes…Please feel free to use my endorsement of the Blotting Brush. I am 79 years old, and I have all my teeth but one. I started using the Blotting Brush in 1976”

Elizabeth Johnson



We get lovely emails like these all the time from people across the world who are stunned at how effective this simple technique is. It provides benefits such as helping to:

     Eliminate gum disease

     Destroy plaque

     Prevent the recurrence of gum disease and tooth decay

     Save huge amounts of money on dental bills, not to mention the potential pain with certain procedures

     Overcome bad breath

     Cleans the whole mouth, not just the teeth.

     ....and much more

      It is important to understand that the Blotting Brushes & MiniBlots may only bring about an improvement in poor gum conditions depending on the pre-existing state of the gums when the brushes are first used  and the competence with which the Blotting Technique is engaged.

Why Toothpaste, Mouthwash And Flossing Isn’t Enough...

(Hint: They do not clean the whole mouth)

This simple technique was developed by Dr Joseph Phillips (1922-2003) a forward-thinking dentist.

Originally trained as a dentist, Dr Phillips completed a postgraduate degree in Periodontics in 1967. Periodontics is an area of speciality where dentists study the supporting structure of teeth, diseases and conditions that affect them. He later went on to teach the subject at the University Of California, Los Angeles. 

Here’s the interesting bit...

In his extensive research into the structure of teeth and gums Dr Phillips established beyond doubt that toothpastes, mouthwash and flossing was not enough. He found that gum disease, tooth decay, tooth loss, cavities, bad breath and much more could indeed be solved and eliminated using a special technique.

The statisticians tell us that 45% of people in the Western world use mouthwash daily.  This is a needless exercise and an unnecessary expense. Mouthwash kills both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria in the mouth and only temporarily covers bad breath; it doesn’t eliminate the plaque the bacteria feed on (the process that creates bad breath). Cleaning the tongue is the best way to eliminate bad breath. 

The most effective mouthwash for you is your own saliva

Brushing your teeth, which many people think is enough to keep their mouth clean, merely polishes the teeth - it does not clean the tongue and gums.

Finally flossing, which many people either ignore or carry out too harshly, can damage the gum tissue. Whilst people should clean between their teeth, and flossing is better than not doing anything at all, they should do so using a technique that does not cause any damage to the structure that supports the teeth or harm the gums.

Knowing all of this Dr Phillips set out to develop a technique that he truly believed could make the world a healthier place; a technique known as the “Phillips Blotting Technique”.

Here’s How Dr Phillips’ Fascinating  Development Works...

The Phillips’ Blotting Technique differs from traditional oral hygiene methods as it can, if carried out properly, reduce and even eliminate the need for brushing with toothpaste, using mouthwash and flossing.

The most effective way to remove plaque from teeth is by using a special brush that Dr Phillips developed called a “Blotting Brush”.  Although the Blotting Brush looks much like a traditional toothbrush, the specially-textured bristles draw plaque and debris from the gingival crevice using a capillary action.  The Phillips Blotting Technique itself is based on capillary action; that is the principle at work when a sponge soaks up liquid or when paint is drawn up into the bristles of a brush. The capillary action lifts and holds plaque in the brush so that it can be removed. All brushes come with a maintainer cover to protect and reform the bristles.

Dr. Phillips’ patients described them as “the bristles with the split ends.”

It is recommended to change the brush every 2-3 weeks (depending on usage).  A Blotting Brush is held differently to a normal toothbrush - like a pencil, with the elbow close to the body, and instead of brushing side-to-side or up-and-down, use a tapping or ‘blotting’ motion to reach between the teeth and gums, drawing out the damaging, trapped plaque which causes so many problems.

Many people brush their teeth and think that is enough to keep their mouth clean. But teeth only make up 10% of the mouth. This is like having a shower but only washing one arm.  Even if you clean your teeth twice a day, every day, 90% of your mouth remains dirty. This leaves dead skin cells on the inside of your mouth which can cause gum disease among other nasty problems.

Dr Phillips’ simple, yet hugely effective solution, allows you to brush your teeth, tongue and gums using the Blotting Technique. This combination makes for a healthy, fresh mouth (and lower dental bills!).  For those with calculus we strongly recommend having a professional clean from a dental hygienist first.

Now you may think to yourself “Can’t I do all of that with a normal toothbrush? Unfortunately not. As I explained earlier the bristles on the Blotting Brush are unique in their design and texture. Using a toothbrush for brushing and blotting will not do the job.

Are You Starting To See Why The Dental Industry Wants To Keep This Information Quiet?

Have you ever stopped to think how dentists make their money? Or how companies who manufacture mouthwash or toothpaste make theirs?

Probably not.

So let’s think about this for a moment. Dentists focus on curing problems that have already developed such as gum disease, tooth decay and so on. The Blotting Brush is designed to eliminate many of these problems and prevent them from happening in the first place.

Mouthwash is not needed when you blot.

Flossing is not needed when you blot

High priced toothpastes are not needed when you blot

Can you now see why the dental industry tried to keep Dr Phillips quiet? Are you starting to understand the amount of money the dental industry would lose if people didn’t need to pay for high priced and potentially unnecessary treatments?

It’s as simple as this: Dr Phillips technique works. Period. Yet over the years it has only been supported by enlightened dentists because if more people knew about it, there would be less profit for the dental industry.

Many people will scoff at that. They will think that all dentists only care about their patients’ health and providing a service. But the proof that money is paramount is in the fact that mercury fillings are still offered despite significant evidence of the damage that mercury fillings cause. The reason they are still offered?  It’s a cheap resource. This, however is a subject for another time.

The point is, whilst Dr Phillips made a massive impact on lives whilst he was still alive, he never quite made the impact he had hoped for on a large scale. The impact his life’s work deserved.

That was, until now.

You see I have personally used the Blotting Brush and technique for many years.  I introduced the technique and brushes to Dr Jung who, as a trained and experienced holistic dentist, knows the problems people have with their teeth. His personal tests proved, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that this simple brush could help people around the world transform their dental health and cut their dental bills!

We decided to partner together and focus our efforts on getting the Blotting Brush and technique out there for the world to see. We have made it our goal to take Dr Phillips’ legacy to the next level and make a difference as best as we can.

And that’s why we are doing something incredibly special...


Here’s How You Can Try This Out For Free. You Only Pay If You Get The Results We Promise...

Look we know how strange this all sounds. I mean, a brush that can help prevent and even reverse gum disease, eliminate bad breath, destroy plaque, cut your dental fees and much more might sound a little too good to be true. However both we, and our many Blotting Brush customers, know how effective this technique is.

So here’s what we are proposing….

Introductory offer

As an introductory offer we are offering ten blotting brushes for just £19.95. These brushes will last you approximately 30-35 weeks if you blot every day. Now in that time, if you do not feel a complete transformation in your dental health, all you need do is send us the brushes back (this is just to prevent people using our brushes after they have been refunded) and we will provide you with a full, no-questions-asked refund.

The reason we can offer a guarantee like this, where your dental health is transformed or you pay nothing, is because both we know this works. I have been Blotting daily since 2001; Dr Jung since I introduced them to him in 2007.  Our customers know this technique works so we’re happy for you to take the Blotting Brushes for a risk free test-drive to discover the proof for yourself.

How’s that for confidence?

To get started click on the order button below and order right away. There are a number of payment options you can choose from, as well as different brushes for children and adults and more. Click the order link and begin your transformation.


Graeme Dinnen and Dr Elmar Jung

P.S. Remember this is 100% risk free. If you do not get the results we promise you’ll get a no questions asked refund!

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