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Below is a selection of books, articles and film clips that we recommend to help you understand and hopefully resolve any particular condition in your teeth and gums.


Drs. Graeme & Lilian Munro-Hall               Toxic Dentistry Exposed
Dr. Weston A. Price                                       Nutrition & Physical Degeneration
Rami Nagel                                                    Cure Tooth Decay
Bruce Fife                                                        Oil Pulling Therapy
Vas Giardiakos                                               The Smile Method
William Dufty                                                 Sugar Blues
Ellie Phillips                                                     Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye
Karol Truman                                                  Feelings Buried Alive Never Die

Recommended Articles:

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby                             Brush Your Teeth, Live Longer
Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby                             Dental Health and Heart Disease (see item 5)
Prof Keith Scott-Mumby                              How To Live in a World Without Antibiotics
Tim O'Shea                                                    Sugar: The Sweet Thief of Life
Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer                         Dr. J. G. Schnitzer's Health Secrets
Dr. Joseph Mercola                                        Messages from Your Mouth

Mike Adams - The Health Ranger The impact of phosphoric acid on your teeth     

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Phillips Blotting Technique


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