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Blotting Brush

The Blotting Brush is a 4 row, 41 tuft slender head with a gentle .007" diameter nylon bristle. A texturing process performed on the ends of the bristles gives them their capillary action.


The MiniBlot is a smaller version of the Blotting Brush (a 4 row, 25 tuft slender head) and is great for children as well as adults wanting to reach difficult parts of the mouth.  The bristles are even softer than those of the Blotting Brush - vital for those with sensitive gums.

ebook: Weapons of Plaque Destruction

If you'd like to save a fortune on family dental bills and find out how you can prevent poor teeth and gums from EVER happening to you, read this ebook that the conventional dental profession didn't want published!

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ebook: 'Dr Phillips' original 1972 book on the Blotting Technique

Written in 1972 the information contained in Dr Phillips' original work is as valuable today as it was then. Some of the images are graphic but Dr Phillips wanted to get the information out there to inform people about their deteriorating gum health.

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