There’s a saying attributed to Mark Twain: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got.”

Remember these words when you next brush your teeth. Since you were a child, you’ve been putting some toothpaste on the bristles of your toothbrush, then brushing up and down then side to side for about 45 seconds.

And that was it! By no stretch of the imagination is this cleaning your teeth. Deep down you already know this.

Your teeth make up 10% of your mouth. There’s also your cheeks, gums, tongue, and the roof of your mouth. Best not forget to clean them! Would you ever consider climbing into a shower and washing just 10% of your body?

Even if you clean your teeth twice a day, every day, 90% of your mouth will remain dirty. Every day, dead skin cells remain on the inside of your mouth because they weren’t brushed or cleaned away. Dead skin cells are a cause of gum disease! And the impact is cumulative, every 24 hours a new layer is added.

Think back to when you’ve visited the dentist. You didn’t want to go; you didn’t like it when you were there and you didn’t like being handed the bill as you left. So if the thought of visiting the dentist carries so many negative feelings, isn’t it time to do something positive, right away, before the next appointment looms? Before another layer of dead skin cells is added?

Swearing that that you’ll look after your teeth better “from now on” is an empty promise. Even if you wanted to look after your teeth better, your choices are limited. Ask your dentist what he’d recommend and he’d probably tell you to brush and floss more.

Dr. Joseph Phillips D.D.S. M.S. (1922-2003) wrote:

“There’s not much information out there that gives people a choice on how to care for their mouths. There’s brushing and flossing and a million different kinds of brushes and toothpastes and flosses with which to do this, which brings us back to the basic brushing and flossing. Bearing in mind that 90% of all adults in the Western world suffer from some sort of gum disease (yes, children too), and most people over 60 have no teeth at all, is brushing and flossing the answer?”

So the commonly recommended options are to carry on brushing and flossing because we don’t know any better. There’s mouthwash too but I wouldn’t recommend using commercial mouthwashes, especially those containing alcohol because of the damage they can do.

If you’re looking to find a better approach to brushing and flossing you need to look outside the proverbial box. There are methods that won’t keep you stuck with the same recurring problem that lead to mercury fillings and gum surgery.

Solving The Problem

During the 1960’s Dr Phillips wondered why his clients kept coming back to him with the same problems. He showed them how to clean their teeth and gums but they weren’t doing it properly.

In his extensive research into the structure of teeth and gums, Dr Phillips established beyond doubt that toothpastes, mouthwash and flossing was not enough. He found that gum disease, tooth decay, tooth loss, cavities, bad breath and much more could indeed be solved and eliminated using a special technique.

Dr Phillips had seen how members of the Masai Tribe broke off twigs from the mustard tree and using the frayed end, cleaned their teeth. Have you ever seen a Masai tribesman smile? There’s a tooth missing in this image but look at the strong, white teeth and healthy gums. You can also see the frayed end of the mustard tree twig.

Dr. Joseph Phillips Blotting Technique puts all other brushing and flossing techniques to shame

Are You Starting To See Why The Dental Industry Wants To Keep This Information Quiet?

Basing his design of the bristles on this ‘frayed end’ process, his ‘Blotting Technique’ differs from traditional oral hygiene methods because it can, if carried out properly, reduce and even eliminate the need for brushing with toothpaste, using mouthwash and flossing.

Although the Blotting Brush looks much like a traditional toothbrush, the uniquely-textured bristles draw plaque and debris from the gingival crevice. The Phillips Blotting Technique itself is based on a capillary-like action; that is the principle at work when a sponge soaks up liquid or when paint is drawn up into the bristles of a brush. The capillary-like action lifts and holds plaque in the brush so that it can be removed.

However conscientious you may have been in the past, you now know that what you’ve been doing so far is, at best, polishing your teeth. Toothpastes, mouthwash or the latest cleaning gadgets haven’t really been contributing to your oral health. You know this because of the limited results you’ve been getting over the years. Face it – if brushing and flossing really worked, you’d rarely need to visit your dentist!

Change For The Better

If you want to think and act outside the box you need to convert to using Blotting Brushes and/or the smaller, softer bristled MiniBlots right away. Only you can feel the incredible difference for yourself. Then can you exhale and smile with confidence.

Here’s How You Can Try These Brushes Out At NO RISK. If You Don’t Get The Results You Want We’ll Refund Your Money

Look we know how strange this all sounds. I mean, a brush that can help prevent and even reverse gum disease, eliminate bad breath, destroy plaque, cut your dental fees and much more might sound a little too good to be true. However both we, and our many Blotting Brush customers, know how effective this technique is.

So here’s what we are proposing….

Introductory offer

As an introductory offer we are offering 10 Blotting Brushes and/or MiniBlots for just £24.60 (incl. free shipping) These brushes will last you approximately 30-35 weeks if you blot every day. Now in that time, if you ‘blot’ conscientiously and can honestly say you do not feel a complete transformation in your dental health, all you need do is send us the brushes back and we will provide you with a full, no-questions-asked refund.

The reason we can offer a guarantee like this, where your dental health is transformed or you pay nothing, is because both we know this works. I have been Blotting daily since 2001. Our customers know this technique works so we’re happy for you to take the Blotting Brushes for a risk free test-drive to discover the proof for yourself.

How’s that for confidence?

I’ll tell you a secret. Since we first started making the Blotting Brushes available in 2005, we’ve received only one request for a refund. That came in 2012 from a lady who suffered from Parkinson’s Disease. She found it difficult to hold the brushes to properly ‘blot’.

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We Get Lovely Emails All The Time From People Across The World Who Are Stunned At How Effective This Simple Technique Is, Helping Them To:

• Eliminate gum disease

• Destroy plaque

• Prevent the recurrence of gum disease and tooth decay

• Save huge amounts of money on dental bills, not to mention the potential pain with certain procedures

• Overcome bad breath

• Cleans the whole mouth, not just the teeth.

….and much more

How does it feel to be ‘blotting’?

Blotting Brushes and MiniBlots

Blotting Brush

The Blotting Brush is a 4 row, 41 tuft slender head with a gentle .007″ diameter nylon bristle. A texturing process performed on the ends of the bristles gives them their capillary action.


The MiniBlot is a smaller version of the Blotting Brush (4 row, 25 tuft slender head) and is great for children as well as adults wanting to reach difficult parts of the mouth. The bristles are even soften than those of the Blotting Brush – vital for those with sensitive gums.

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Happy teeth

( That’s all! )