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Over the years I’ve spoken with, met and on occasion had the privilege to work with people whose efforts have been focussed on a particular aspect of health.

These include John Chang – The ‘Energy Man’ (Jakarta), Master Herbalist Bachir Aboukhazaal (Damascus), Egyptian Parasitologist Dr. Omar Amin (Phoenix), Periodontist and Blotting Brush Inventor Dr. Joseph Phillips (Wisconsin), Birth Trauma pioneer Ray Castellino (Santa Barbara), Traditional Chinese Medicine educator Frances Wong (Hong Kong)…and I include the extraordinary paludières (salt farmers) in Guerande, Brittany.

All of them exude (or exuded) an extraordinary energy that accompanies a lifetime of authentic effort.

I’ve now added to this list Doug Simons, a man who has spent more than 20 years living primitively in the Sonoran Desert and other wildernesses. I wasn’t at his talk in the shade of a Palo Duro tree but we have since spoken and I am currently in correspondence with his colleague Marjory Wildcraft.

Doug’s endeavours over the past 20 years have proved to be nothing short of extraordinary.

When you click on the link below you’ll find the clear evidence he provides of our body’s natural ability to heal itself.

What that means is he’s offering you knowledge on the simple steps we need to take to heal our mouth rather than repair it through drillings, mercury fillings and gum surgery.

What you’ll discover needs to be shared widely because I secured a copy myself in 2017 but the offer quickly disappeared from the internet.

The exciting news is that it’s available again for us to learn how we can clean our teeth using ancient wisdom.s…and there’s minimal effort required on our part.

If you thought I only used Blotting Brushes, understand that I use the brushes to keep my teeth and gums clean and healthy from daily attrition,

I use the Doug’s ‘Alternative To Dentists’ for prevention – something that dentists don’t teach you about, mostly because it isn’t taught to them in dental school.

The ‘Alternative To Dentists’ approach offers you a toxin- and surgery-free approach…..

  • no harmful toxins like fluoride or mercury
  • no chemicals that damage the teeth and gums
  • no more traumatic dental procedures like drilling, extractions, or surgery!

Most of us have been subjected to what I call the ‘wrong end’ of dentistry. I’ve been there too and thankfully was able to make transformational changes in the past decade.

No Needles. No Drills. No Pain.
And No $$$ Bills!

What lights me up is:

  • Reduced visits to the dentist (saving a bunch of money)
  • Your teeth are alive and can heal themselves
  • You’ll learn how to re-grow protective tooth enamel
  • For the first time in ages you can have squeaky clean teeth again
  • Remineralise cavities – Strengthen enamel – Naturally whiten.

I remember having goosebumps when I first read this.

MOST IMPORTANT is that this approach reduces your exposure to harmful antibiotic resistant bacteria that are too often lurking in the very dental clinics you’re sitting in waiting for your appointment.

Here you’ll learn what you need to know about taking proper care of your dental health – and remember 80% of poor health conditions in your body start in your mouth.

Doug and his team are so confident it’ll work they offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Click on the link and discover something extraordinary for yourself.