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ToothWizards (in conjunction with Resources For Life Ltd since 2005)

PO Box 0088
Jalan Sunset Post Office KAvc8
Bali 80361

We maintain an office in England from which orders are despatched internationally

Tel +44 131 208 0687

WhatsApp: +62 81 999 211 886


The phone isn’t always answered as we like to travel, researching aspects of dental health and ways of keeping healthy naturally that may be helpful to you. If you send us an email using the Contact form we’ll likely receive that faster than an answerphone message.

While we welcome your comments, there are internet robots constantly hoovering up email addresses. Because of this, the good old days when we just gave out our email address are over. We’re sorry to have to ask you to use this “fill in the blanks” form instead.