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The Blotting Technique explained. We have had occasional requests to update the film clip but this is Dr Phillips himself, developer of the Blotting Brush and MiniBlot. Nothing we create could be more authentic. It’s best to watch the clip a few times over the first couple of months to make 100% sure you understand the concept and get the technique correct.

What will happen when you get the technique right?

You’ll save a fortune in dentist’s bills.

Smoking Tooth – A video on toxic mercury vapours exiting from a tooth long after that tooth has been removed. These vapours are a likely long term contributor to Dementia and Alzheimers Disease.

Zoom in on a Tooth: Children are always told to clean their teeth. They’re rarely given a reason why. Every schoool biology class should see this film clip to understand why the teeth need to be kept free from accumulating food particles.