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How much is a dental cleaning?

Dental cleaning and ensuring your teeth are in a good condition is of a vital importance. Failing to clean your teeth will have massive implications for your health and will prove costly in dental treatments. The market nowadays is saturated with bad advice on how to properly clean your teeth. If you are wondering how much is a dental cleaning? Then look no further as at Tooth Wizards, we aim to help our customers save money on our range of dental cleaning products and expert advice.

Dental cleaning and the pitfalls

Despite modern advances and improvements in dental care, cases of tooth decay and gum disease is on the increase particularly amongst younger children. This is caused by a variety of factors such as a poor diet, a diet lacking in nutrients and high in sugars or a diet full of processed food.

The state of modern dental methods is poor due to the influx of powerful chemicals that do not help to clean your mouth and inadvertently contributes to poor dental hygiene. It has been pressed onto the general public that they should use certain products which cause an acidic mouth environment in which bacteria flourishes. If you clean your mouth twice a day, 90% of your mouth will remain dirty.

In the event of tooth decay and a decline in your dental hygiene, many dentists will recommend for you to see a dental hygienist. This will prompt you to ask how much is a dental cleaning? The dental hygienist will then recommend an expensive list of options and recommendations in order to improve your dental hygiene.

Our alternative dental cleaning options

At Tooth Wizards, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a wide range of dental cleaning options so that your teeth and gums are kept in a healthy and great condition.

Gum disease and plaque cannot be removed by standard toothbrushes; we provide blotting brushes which use a tapping motion to remove plaque and cavities. Blotting brushes contain small bristles that go underneath the gums and remove plaque in a pulling motion. Using a blotting brush is incredibly simple, and we have lots of information and great DVDs, to help you use your blotting brush in an effective fashion.

So if you want to save money on dental treatment and expensive dental cleaning treatments, click onto this link for blotting brushes; click here for our informational tutorials.

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