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The Phillips Blotting Brush and Technique

Dr Phillips had developed the unique Blotting Brush and the associated method of cleaning: the Blotting Technique in the late 1960´s.

The Blotting Brush

The unique feature of a Blotting Brush is their hollow bristles that have capillary action to draw plaque and debris from teeth and gums.


The Blotting Technique

The Blotting Technique lifts and holds plaque in the brush so that it can be removed. Whereas brushing moves the plaque around the mouth and under the gums, the Blotting Technique is the only proven dental hygiene method that actually removes it from the mouth.

The Technique is easy to get used to and the brushes are inexpensive which makes it understandable and affordable for everyone.

Blotting Brush & Blotting Technique are the key to total oral health for a lifetime.

Despite all the specialty toothpastes and mouthwashes available today gum disease is an ever increasing disease. Many suffer from it without ever knowing it.

“No surgery has ever cured periodontal disease. Surgery shouldn’t be done until the mouth is healthy; surgery being only a post healing reconstructive procedure.” Dr. J.E. Phillips

Using the Blotting Technique will enable you to clean 100% of your mouth – not just the 10% of your mouth taken up by your teeth. You can even “floss” with this technique.

Once you have purchased a Blotting Brush you are the proud owner

of the smallest and most effective health kit in the world.


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